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Buy your first house
  • We will help you find the best home that meets your needs and possibilities.
  • We provide financing support: mortgages, grants, and tax benefits.
  • We will take care of all negotiations and paperwork.
  • We operate throughout the Bay Area and in Hawaii.
Sell your house
  • We will take care of everything: preparing the house, repairs, paperwork, and negotiations.
  • We provide a detail-oriented service that respects your time and money.
  • We offer a marketing plan that includes our own staging, photos, and videos.
  • We do not take any upfront payments for repairs or pre-sale services.
Invest in Rental Properties
Strategy - we look at your entire life and make a 5-10 year plan
Selection - we search for economically advantageous properties in California and Hawaii
Working with long-term and short-term rentals (Airbnb)
Property management and education - we teach you how to run your business, manage the property ourselves, or teach you how to do it.
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  • Real Estate Broker
    • I have been working in two states for over 17 years: California and Hawaii.
    • I pay close attention to details, have impeccable document handling skills, expertise in construction, experience working with inspections, a talent for finding the best deals, and a strategic approach to negotiating.
    San Francisco Bay Area, California: I have lived in Palo Alto for 19 years and know everything about the real estate market in the Bay Area and its peculiarities.
    Hawaii: I spend part of the year on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I have more than 8 years of experience and have an excellent understanding of the islands.
  • Rental Properties Investment Expert
    I buy and sell rental properties for clients, including multifamily properties ranging from duplexes to apartment complexes and residential buildings.
    • I know how to buy and sell these properties profitably, as well as how to increase their capitalization through rental income.
    • I have a proven track record of turning novice investors into multimillionaires.
    • Since 2008, I've been investing in real estate across three states: California, Hawaii, and Texas.
    Whether you're looking to buy a rental property, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards success. From identifying the most profitable properties to developing effective management strategies, I will help you maximize your returns and grow your wealth.
  • Short Term Rental
    Business Expert
    I know everything about starting and making an Airbnb business profitable from scratch: I will help you find, buy, and earn from profitable properties.

    I have a successful Airbnb project in Hawaii for 8 years:
    • Net profit - from $130,000 per year
    • YY growth, ROI - 47% per year
    • The home's value doubled
    • Increased rent from $325 to $695 per day
    • Launched the project from scratch - the house was not previously rented out
    • I know how to do management without agencies and will teach you

Over 90% of business are repeat customers.
People trust us with friends and family.
Sergey Mkhitaryan
My close friends and I purchased a total of 5 different properties with Alexey as primary residences and investments. Somehow, he was always able to find a great property despite the market conditions.
We appreciate his experience and professionalism. In fact, at this moment we have another two transactions in progress through him.
Alexey Samsonov
We've made two purchases and one sale through Alexey and are truly satisfied with the experience.
Alexey is a true professional, working in your best interest - he wouldn't hesitate to flag issues he sees in the property, and listens carefully to understand your needs. The process has been incredibly smooth and efficient every time - e.g. if you're selling all you need to do is hand over the keys to his team - rest assured, he'll schedule and perform all necessary and affordable improvements to prepare your property for sale, and will find a good deal.
Nicki Ghafari
Alexey is an incredibly thoughtful real estate agent. I sold my mother’s property through Alexey, and he made the entire process seamless and straightforward. I look forward to purchasing my first home through Alexey!
Igor Stativkin
Alexey has been our broker since 2015. We've done 3 transactions with him (2 purchases and 1 sale) and every time I'm very satisfied with his services! I highly recommend him.
Samuel Willson
I worked with Alexey for quite some time and he always was responsive, supportive, and ensured that we get the best deal possible. I ended up buying a home in a perfect place in a very timely manner. Alexey actively managed the whole process and made sure that the whole transaction was closed on time.
Liudmila Fetisova
Alexey is highly professional broker and property manager. He is a great negotiator and is very helpful in making decision about property condition and potential. We’ve bought two properties together and had him manage one of those for 6 years. I’m very happy with our real estate experience thanks to Alexey
Max Kuzmin
Another extremely happy seller here.

Alexey and his team handled the sale of our place, in an outstandingly professional and courteous manner. They took care of preparing the property, using very reasonably-priced vendors and handling the work in no time and with 0 engagement on our side. Their complementary staging is top-notch, they use the same design and media team whether it's a 1M or 10M property. They took care of all the paperwork and communication and checked all docs to verify that they're legally and financially sound.

The icing on the cake: despite many similar properties going to the market in Sunnyvale the same week as ours, we got multiple offers, the top one 10% above asking. A few weeks later, the transaction was successfully closed.

I can't recommend Alexey strongly enough. Just reach out to him if you want to have a mindless, stress-free transaction and a selling price at the top of the market.
Dmitry Demeshchuk
It's been great having Alexey in our corner throughout the entire process.

He's been very patient about changes in our preferences and priorities when helping us search for a place. As we were getting a better hang of the market and what we personally wanted, he'd start adjusting, and giving us guidance on what tradeoffs we could take to afford what we needed and be competitive in the market.

Since he has strong background in construction, he's been giving a lot of advice on what amount of work each house would require, and what flaws are acceptable or not. We didn't have to do any inspections – our inspector was here with us, and he could tell us about everything: from foundation, roof and plumbing to appliances, windows and floor plan. We even had a good ballpark estimate on how much it'd cost to fix the house up.

The loan officer he recommended was hands down the most proactive and communicative person I've ever worked with, she's helped us close a week earlier, even though we had some setbacks in the process. Would 100% work with her again.

He also took an important part in winning our bid, convincing the seller that we'd be able to close fast and without issues, he had our loan officer vouch for us. Our bid wasn't the highest, but it won nevertheless, thanks to Alexey.

While we were in a contract, he's been helping answering the questions, negotiating smaller parts of the deal with the seller (insurance, minor pieces of furniture and appliances, etc). Thanks to this, we had a softer landing when we moved in.

Our relationship didn't end after we closed, he is still helping us with settling in, getting ideas of what to improve, when and how, sharing contacts of contractors he's worked with before.

Definitely looking forward to buying the next place with his help!

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